The world’s first anti-doping dog Molly comes to Finland

The world’s first anti-doping dog will work at the European Athletics U23 Championships in Finland. Nine-year-old Molly can detect many doping agents in various forms. At the same time, the friendly dog is an effective promoter of anti-doping activities.

Molly, a springer spaniel from the Swedish anti-doping agency, performs a wide range of anti-doping work with her keen sense of smell, together with Doping Control Officer Joanna Sjöö.

“I enjoy working with Molly. Athletes are interested in the dog and want to pet her and chat. These encounters with athletes are valuable because they also give me the opportunity to help them with anti-doping issues and tell them about clean sports,” says Doping Control Officer Joanna Sjöö.

Molly attends about 100 test events a year, both in Sweden and abroad. The anti-doping dog searches for traces of odours of prohibited substances that improve performance on equipment and in bags, for example. If Molly detects something, this is immediately reported to both the testing unit and doping control investigation. This helps in the targeting of doping test mission orders. Some of these test mission orders have led to positive doping test results.

Molly has completed the six-month training for customs dogs, and she started work as an anti-doping dog in 2017. In addition, she participates in training events every year. Molly can detect many substances, such as steroids and testosterone. She can also detect substances in various forms, including powders, tablets and even ampoules containing liquid.

There are currently no anti-doping dogs in Finland. FINCIS has been looking into the possibility of training an anti-doping dog.

Molly can be seen on Friday 14 July at 5 p.m. at the FINCIS information stand in the event square at the Leppävaara Stadium at the European Athletics U23 Championships.

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