Sports Academies and educational institutes

FINCIS co-operates with various institutes to reach athletes and coaches from different sports, parents of young athletes, future professionals in the sports sector and health care personnel. Educational institutes can order training from FINCIS and use the Clean win and Fair Win online training materials and other materials produced by FINCIS. 

Lectures on anti-doping activities and prevention of manipulation of sports competitions are part of the curriculum for athletes in various institutions. The training and education services provided by FINCIS are free of charge to educational institute and sports academies. FINCIS primarily educates athletes in exercise- and sports-oriented secondary schools, upper secondary schools, vocational educational institutes and sports academies. FINCIS also provides training for future professionals in the sports sector studying in institutes of higher education, as well as for health care personnel working with athletes. 

Contact your institute’s Education Manager for more information on training and education services.

Sports academies

Sports academies play an important role in promoting clean and fair sport in their area. Sports academies observe the Olympic Committee’s Fair Competition programmes and are thereby committed to the integrity work of the sports community. FINCIS, in co-operation with the sports academies that were part of the pilot group, has issued guidelines for the preparation of sports academies’ Fair Competition instructions. The guidelines cover various activities, such as training, communication and contracts. The focus is on preventive measures. Based on these guidelines, sports academies prepare their own operating instructions, taking into account the specifics of the academy and the region in question.

More information on the Fair Competition guidelines for sports academies is available here.

Secondary schools and upper secondary level schools

FINCIS’s education themes are included in the Finnish Olympic Committee’s training materials “Kasva urheilijaksi”, “Kehity huippu-urheilijaksi” and “Kasvata urheilijaksi” (materials in Finnish only). It is important to deepen an athlete’s knowledge of anti-doping matters as the athlete progresses in their path. FINCIS’s online training materials provide an easy way for educational institutes to ensure athletes’ knowledge of both anti-doping issues and the prevention of competition manipulation. In addition, you can order face-to-face or remote training from FINCIS.

Matters related to anti-doping are also taken into account in the camps arranged for secondary school pupils. Secondary school camps are camps coordinated by the Olympic Committee’s sports academy and aimed to support the growth of a young athlete on their way to a goal-oriented sport career, develop their skills and expertise in various areas and help with maintaining a balance between sports and school. Secondary school camps are arranged by sports institutes in co-operation with sports organisations, schools and sports academies. Each sports institute has an expert trained by FINCIS who is responsible for providing training in the above-mentioned themes in secondary school camps. In secondary school camps taking place outside sports institutes, training can be ordered directly from FINCIS.

Lectures as part of vocational education

FINCIS trainers give lectures for future sports influencers, professionals in the sports sector and health care sector students and experts. Education and training sessions related to anti-doping and the prevention of manipulation of sports competitions are, in some form, included in the education of students completing vocational degrees in sports. FINCIS’s education themes are addressed in the degree programmes of sports institutes and the curriculum of the University of Jyväskylä’s Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, among others. In addition, many health care training programmes pay special attention to anti-doping issues.

Online training

Clean Win is an online training service that athletes, their support personnel as well as other sports stakeholders can use to learn about anti-doping and ensure that they have the latest information. The content of the training is based on anti-doping codes that entered into force on 1 January 2021. 

Fair Win is online training that helps athletes and other sports stakeholders recognise the manipulation of sports competitions as a phenomenon and provides tools to combat it.

The online training courses are well suited for a teaching session lasting one lesson, especially with young students. They can be used as independent learning tasks in secondary sports schools, vocational degrees in the field of sports, or higher degrees. Those who complete the training are awarded with a diploma that serve as a certificate of completing the training. 

Both online trainings include videos as well as exercises and reflection assignments. It takes approximately 35 minutes to complete the training. You don’t have to complete the training at once as your progress is saved by the system. To complete the training, you must pass the final exam. After you have passed the final exam, you will receive a diploma with which you can prove that you have completed the training. The online training modules are free of charge and also available in Swedish and Finnish. 

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