Doping test statistics

FINCIS publishes an annual record of doping test statistics in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code. The published statistics include the number of the national testing programme doping tests performed in each sport.

The statistics only include the sport-specific tests and anti-doping rule violation of the national testing programme of FINCIS (formerly known as FINADA between 2000–2015). In 2004, the responsibility over all national doping control activities was transferred to FINADA. Previously, FINADA was only responsible for certain national testing programme tests, and other tests were requested from FINADA and financed by sports federations and the Olympic Committee. If FINCIS (previously known as FINADA) has carried out testing on the request of an international party, the related reporting and result processing obligations lie with the organisation in question. The summaries presented in the statistics also indicate the number of tests performed by FINCIS (FINADA) for other organisations. 

The number of sport-specific national testing programme tests includes the in-competition and out-of-competition blood and urine sample tests of the sport. Blood samples taken for the Athlete Biological Passport system are not included in the reported number of tests. Sports in which fewer than 20 tests have been performed are included in the sections “Other individual sports” or “Other team sports”. Sports federations are provided with accurate numbers of tests by FINCIS upon separate request. 

WADA is the global doping control information centre. The agency creates and publishes an annual statistical report that contains a summary of all doping tests performed by anti-doping organisations and the results of laboratory analyses.

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