Prohibited Substances and Methods in Sports (KAMU)

Every year, the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA publishes and updates the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods in Sports, on which the FINCIS List of Prohibited Substances and Methods in Sports is based. The list includes all prohibited substances and methods in sports. You can use the FINCIS KAMU medicine search to check whether a medicinal product sold in Finland contains any prohibited medicine. 

Athletes must check the permissibility of the products they use. The athlete is always responsible for what is discovered in their body in any doping tests. If a disease absolutely requires the use of a prohibited medicine and there are no permissible alternatives for the medicine, the Therapeutic Use Exemption policy must be checked for instructions on how to act. In the treatment of certain diseases, the WADA instructions concerning the use of medication are stricter than the treatment policy applied in Finland. This is the case in testosterone replacement therapy and the use of asthma medication, for example. 

The use of nutritional supplements, homeopathic preparations and other non-medicinal products requires specific care. These products are not included in the KAMU medicine search service.

KAMU medicine search

FINCIS’ KAMU medicine search service is based on a Pharmaceutical Information Centre database that only contains medicine that have been issued with a marketing authorisation in Finland. The service does not include any medicinal products that require a special permit or nutritional supplements. The KAMU medicine search service is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

The following things must be considered when using the KAMU medicine search service:

  • The route of administration of the medicinal product must match the searched product as the route of administration may determine the doping classification of the medicinal product.
  • Medicinal products may contain several active ingredients that have different doping classifications. If the medicinal product contains even one prohibited active substance, the medicinal product is prohibited. 
  • The footnotes contain detailed information and notes about the prohibited and permitted substances.

Doping agent classes and substances

In addition to the prohibited substances included in the KAMU medicine search service, the FINCIS Doping agent classes and substances also includes prohibited substances that are not sold as medicine in Finland. This list’s classification follows the classification of the WADA list. The reasons for prohibiting each substance or method in sports are detailed on the Doping agents and their effects page. Any possible adverse effects caused by these substances are also listed on this page. 

Hevosratsastusta HorseShowssa

Asthma medication

Some of the medicine used to treat asthma are permitted in sports, but some of the commonly used products contain prohibited substances.

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Kaksi näytepulloa

Doping agents and their effects

WADA’s classification of prohibited substances and methods into principal categories is based on whether the doping agent or method is prohibited at all times or during competitions or in certain sports.

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Nainen valmistautumassa uimahyppyyn

Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements may contain prohibited substances and, consequently, using them has resulted in anti-doping rule violations. FINCIS cannot guarantee whether nutritional supplements contain prohibited substance or not.

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