The Dopinglinkki online service offers information and health advice regarding doping outside elite sports, in other words, doping outside of competitive and professional sports. The aim of the Dopinglinkki service is to prevent doping and reduce the negative health impacts of doping by providing information. Dopinglinkki is maintained by the A-Clinic Foundation and funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The Dopinglinkki services are designed especially for recreational athletes who use doping agents or are interested in the impacts of their use. Dopinglinkki also offers useful information and training for those close to recreational athletes using doping agents and those who in their work encounter users of doping agents.

All the Dopinglinkki services are free of charge, and guidance services related to the use of doping agents are provided anonymously and confidentially. The Dopinglinkki working group does not take a stand on competitive athletes’ use of doping agents or testing.