Research on manipulation of sports competitions

Preventing manipulation of sports competitions is one of the key themes of FINCIS’ research activities. For a long time, research into competition manipulation has primarily examined the phenomenon through corruption. Only in the last decade has the phenomenon begun to become a separate field of research. 

Purpose of research activities

Strengthening the knowledge base is a concrete part of the efforts to prevent manipulation of sports competitions. The aim of the research activities is to provide information to the entire sports community and social operators to support decision-making. One of the main objectives of the activities is to make all sports stakeholders aware of the risk of manipulation of sports competitions and how to prevent it. Measures based on scientific information restrict the scope of action available for criminal activity associated with international sports betting in Finland.

Overall, according to a review study published by FINCIS on ethical issues (in Finnish), relatively little research has been carried out on the ethics of sports, although the amount has increased significantly in the current decade. Scientific information on competition manipulation has increased significantly during the 2010s. 

FINCIS’ report on preventing manipulation of sports competitions

In 2019, FINCIS published a report on the prevention of manipulation of sports competitions (in Finnish). The report extensively covers issues behind manipulation of sports competitions, such as corruption, organised crime and the growth of international betting markets.

 The publication describes the nature, effects and various forms of manipulation of sports competitions in detail. In addition, the publication covers the risk factors and legislation related to manipulation of sports competitions and ways of preventing it. Practical tools and instructions for federations, organisations and athletes to prevent the manipulation of sports competitions are provided at the end of the report. The report is based on the latest international and national scientific literature and expert views.