FINCIS information stand at sports events

The FINCIS information stand provides information on FINCIS’s activities and highlights ethical issues in sports. The information stand provides added value to events organised by sports organisations.

The information stand is open according to the scope and nature of the event. The stand’s activities can be targeted at athletes by arranging the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA’s Play True quiz. FINCIS’s own quizzes are arranged at national events and they are based on the anti-doping themes Clean Win and the Fair Win online training related to manipulation of sports competitions.

Events are usually planned in co-operation with national federations and event organisers, with the exception of international events. In the case of international events, the international sports federation is often involved in the planning process.

The target audience of the information stand is determined on a case-by-case basis and, in some cases, the stand can also be designed for the spectators. The purpose is to share information and knowledge, increase the appreciation of sports and influence attitudes. At the information stand, FINCIS distributes information and answers questions on fair play and clean sports. Spectators have a chance to vote for the athlete or team who best represents the spirit of fair play. In international events, flag stickers of different countries are also handed out as all athletes are supported in the spirit of fair play. We can also organise additional events, such as lectures on anti-doping, competitions and social media campaigns.

Golden Baton of Fair Competition in an opening ceremony

A Golden Baton has been handed over throughout international sports events organised in Finland since 2009. The representatives (athlete and/or chairperson) of the previous major sports event organised in Finland hand the baton over to the event organisers in the opening ceremony. At the same time, the event and its participants are encouraged to promote the message of fair play. This advances the international view that fair play in sports is important in Finland.

The FINCIS campaign has already been involved in more than 30 international sports events held in Finland. The baton has been received by, for example, the men’s World Championships in floorball, goalball, the World Championships in figure skating and the European Squash Team Championships.

Other activities in connection with the event

The event organiser may, for example, challenge athletes and sports stakeholders to complete FINCIS’s online trainings and share a picture of the diploma on social media. Small prizes can be awarded to those who present their diplomas for completed online training at the FINCIS information stand.

FINCIS provides materials to be used by the event organiser, including, for example, a bulletin published prior to the event and public announcements on the day of the event.

Each event is different and the arrangements are planned in co-operation with the event organisers. All new ideas and thoughts are welcome. The information stand does not involve any fee.

If you wish to have a FINCIS information stand at your event, contact FINCIS’s communication team as early as possible. In your message, include a description of the competition and where and when it will take place. You can also provide your ideas and wishes for the information stand in the message.