Fair Win online training

Fair Win is online training that helps athletes as well as other sports stakeholders recognise the manipulation of sports competitions as a phenomenon and provides tools to combat against it.

The online training includes videos as well as exercises and reflection assignments. It takes approximately 35 minutes to complete the training. You don’t have to complete the training at once as your progress is saved by the system. To complete the course, you must pass the final exam. After you have passed the final exam, you will receive a diploma with which you can prove that you have completed the training.

You can also complete the online training using mobile devices. Once passed, you will be able to return to the topics again freely.

The Fair Win online training includes the following topics:

  • Manipulation of sports competitions as a phenomenon
  • Forms of manipulation of sports competitions
  • Persuasion of an athlete and sports stakeholder
  • Consequences of manipulation of sports competitions
  • Prevention and intervention
  • Rights and responsibilities

It is also possible to complete the Fair Win online training in Finnish and Swedish.

Sports stakeholders are encouraged to take a photo of the diploma and share the picture on social media with the hashtag #puhtaastiparas. By doing so, the sports stakeholder can demonstrate that they are competing in accordance with the fair play values.

Sports federations and educational institutes

Sports federations and educational institutes can independently use the online training in their own athlete and coach training programs. The online training can be used, for instance, to review the knowledge of manipulation of sports competitions matters of the athletes, sports federation employees and officials or it can be used as part of coach training. Sports federations can request a list of all persons who have completed the training involved in the sport in question from FINCIS.

The online training can be completed in one lesson at institutions. The online training is an ideal home assignment for students completing a vocational degree in sports or learners in upper another level sports institutions or sports- or exercise-oriented secondary schools.

The online training module supports existing training models, but it is not intended to replace traditional methods for key target groups.