Ethics research

FINCIS’ mission is to share and produce information. FINCIS promotes general ethical conduct in sports through knowledge-based leadership and by actively contributing to Finnish society. Research is a key instrument in this respect. It is essential to identify the various ethical phenomena that have a key impact on sports and the need for related information, as well as to produce and disseminate new information. Research and analyses provide an additional knowledge base for preventive measures against misconduct in sports.

FINCIS strengthens ethical conduct in sports through surveys, research and publications

FINCIS launches, coordinates and commissions research and surveys to produce new information on ethical themes in sports. FINCIS carries out research co-operation with various operators. FINCIS produces and disseminates scientific information on sports as a basis for decision-making and public discussion, with the aim of promoting and influencing the development of a safer and more ethically sustainable sports culture. The information obtained helps develop and strengthen the prevention of misconduct in sports.

In 2017, FINCIS launched its own series of publications focusing on ethical themes in sports. FINCIS also produces reports on ethical issues in sports, commissioned by other bodies, such as sports federations.

Surveys, studies and publications in the series are aimed at exercise and sports stakeholders, organisations, decision-makers and authorities, but also at others who are interested or involved in the topics.

Selection of research topics

The selection of general ethical research topics is influenced by a number of factors, such as the topicality and societal relevance of the topics and the impact within sports. In addition, the selection is affected by the following factors:

  • information needs related to FINCIS’ own tasks
  • information needs identified by FINCIS
  • information needs identified through stakeholders
  • information needs identified through public discourse


FINCIS also carries out extensive research projects to analyse the wider Finnish sports culture and related phenomena, their frequency and background.

FINCIS published a comprehensive study called Harassment in Finnish Competitive Sports conducted in 2020. According to the study, sexual and gender-based harassment is common in Finnish sports, but not more common than in other parts of society. Nearly 50 sports federations participated in the study, and the target group consisted of licensed competitive athletes who were at least 16 years of age.

In the autumn of 2021, FINCIS together with other sports organisations launched a large-scale research project on athletes’ experiences in Finnish competitive sports. The research project will identify good and reinforcing models in our sports culture as well as inappropriate treatment of athletes. The study will be completed in the autumn of 2022, targeting competitive athletes aged 16 and over. The study is carried out by the UKK Institute.

Studies and surveys

In 2018, FINCIS conducted the first survey of possible sexual and gender-based harassment and bullying for a sports federation. The purpose of the surveys is to investigate whether harassment or bullying occurs in the sport in question. The surveys have provided justification and background information for sports federations’ measures to create a safer sports culture.

All in all, FINCIS has conducted three surveys: on national football and ice hockey teams, tennis and ice skating.

Publication series

The purpose of FINCIS’ publication series is to share and disseminate information on ethical themes in sports. The aim of the studies and reviews released in the publication series is to comprehensively analyse the latest research data from the perspective of sports and exercise. The purpose of the content based on multidisciplinary international and national studies is to increase the awareness of sports stakeholders even on sensitive subjects that may be considered somewhat taboo.