FINCIS is responsible for implementing international treaties on anti-doping activities, manipulation of sports competitions and spectator comfort and safety in Finland. In addition, FINCIS supports ethics in sports in co-operation with other parties and actively initiates and participates in discussions.

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What do we do?

Anti-doping activities

Doping control aims to prevent the use of doping and detect anti-doping rule violations. Our doping control procedures are comprehensive, carefully planned and of high quality.

Manipulation of sports competitions

FINCIS defends the rules of sport, the principles of fair play and is, for its own part, responsible for the implementation of the international treaty for the prevention of manipulation of sports competitions in Finland. It also offers authorities the necessary help for preventing the crimes associated with manipulation.

Spectator safety

The purpose of these activities is to create a unified front for the sports movement and the authorities, which will improve fan culture and enhance spectator comfort as well as prevent personal injuries and property damage among sports spectators.

Urheilun eettisyys
Ethics in sports

FINCIS raises general awareness about the ethical aspects of various phenomena in sports and any related possible problems. This involves active interaction within the sports community as well as the wider public discussion.

Materials and tools

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File a report of a suspected anti-doping, manipulation of sports competitions or spectator safety violation or other ethical violation in sports.

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Check the permissibility of the prescription and over-the-counter medicines available in Finland in sports.

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Clean win

Clean win

Learn more and ensure that you have the latest information on matters concerning anti-doping with the Clean Win online training service. The service is designed for all sports stakeholders.

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Fair win

Learn more and ensure that you have the latest information on matters concerning the prevention of manipulation of sports competitions with the Fair Win online training service.

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Dried blood spot samples increase the means of doping control

The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCIS took a total of 2,875 doping samples in Finland and abroad in 2023. The means of doping control have increased as FINCIS has started to incorporate dried blood spot samples into the national testing programme.

It is the time for curling to take the baton of fair competition and clean sports

Harri Syväsalmi received an award at the Finnish Sports Gala

Fair Play in the Pole Sport World Championships

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