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Intellectual property rights

The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports (FINCIS) or another producer of information indicated in connection with the document in question holds the rights to the material published on the website as set out in the Copyright Act (404/1961) and any amendments thereto. Photographers, creators of images or FINCIS hold the rights to photographs and other images. Use of the FINCIS logo without permission is prohibited. Other materials of the site can be used as long as the source is mentioned and it is ensured that the material is always up to date. Links to the site can be created freely. Other uses of the material must be agreed upon separately with FINCIS.

Legal proviso

FINCIS aims to keep its website up-to-date. However, FINCIS accepts no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage resulting from any possible mistakes in the website content. FINCIS also accepts no responsibility for the content or legality of any third party websites linked to via the FINADA website. Furthermore, FINCIS accepts no responsibility for damage caused by disruption to telecommunications networks or other technical defects.

Processing of personal data

FINCIS’s website does not collect personal data on users. The Liferay portal platform uses cookies in order to improve the user experience but not for the purpose of recording or identifying individual users. FINCIS uses Google Analytics to collect statistical information on the usage of the website.