FINCIS is responsible for implementing international treaties on anti-doping activities, manipulation of sports competitions and spectator comfort and safety in Finland. In addition, FINCIS supports ethics in sports in co-operation with other parties and actively initiates and participates in discussions. FINCIS’ operational activities are based on the strategy for 2019–2021.


FINCIS’ objective is to guarantee that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in ethically sustainable sports through close co-operation with other parties. The purpose of the activities is to defend clean sports, safety and fair play, improve the reputation of sports, protect sports stakeholders, strengthen ethics in sport and ensure the values of justice and honesty in sports. FINCIS is engaged in extensive co-operation with a wide variety of parties from different sectors of society. It also develops new operating methods and solution models through exchange of information, co-operation and shared knowledge for the sports culture and other sectors of society. 

In order to fulfil its purpose, FINCIS:

  • Works as a partner. Co-operational activities include initiating discussions, co-operation with authorities, listening to other parties of society, active participation in national and international co-operation networks and establishing and developing networks.
  • Supervises and provides instructions on compliance with codes and standards and creates new operating models and guidelines in co-operation with other parties.
  • Influences and issues statements about national and international activities regarding ethics and national legislation and interpretations by authorities.
  • Produces communications, training, studies and reports that support these objectives.


The work performed to promote ethics in Finnish sports is a national and international example of advocating fair play. 

FINCIS is a nationally and internationally renowned leading expert in anti-doping activities, competition manipulation prevention and promotion of spectator comfort and safety and ethically sustainable sports.

Becoming a partner with FINCIS is in high demand, and the association is an exemplary employer.



  • We honour and comply with common rules and agreements. We operate transparently but we adhere to absolute confidentiality in matters that require it. We are professional and reliable in carrying out our work. We set an example of responsible activities.


  • We treat and interact with everyone equally, without prejudice and with respect. We are incorruptible, unbiased and independent.


  • We respect, honour and genuinely listen to our stakeholders. We are committed and want others to commit to working together for promoting ethics in sports. We are engaged in open co-operation. We are approachable, courageous and encouraging. We are a central and important part of the sports movement.

Tasks of FINCIS

The following issues are specified as the tasks of FINCIS in the strategy:

  • anti-doping activities
  • prevention of manipulation of sports competitions
  • spectator comfort and safety
  • ethical behaviour in sports.

Specific objectives and actions required to achieve them have been specified for each task. The objectives and actions are detailed on an annual basis in an action plan and a budget. Progress towards the objectives defined in the strategy is assessed on a regular basis.

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