Research activities

FINCIS’ purpose is to promote and strengthen ethical behaviour in sports, and research plays a key role in these efforts. The goal is to create a safer and more ethically sustainable sports culture through extensive and multidisciplinary research. 

In addition to general ethical issues in sports, the themes of research emphasise the content and goals of our activities and tasks as well as the needs of stakeholders. 

Purpose of research activities

In the research activities, it is important to recognise the need for information about ethical phenomena in sports and share information considering its social importance. The goal of coordinating, developing and conducting new reports and studies is to provide the entire sports community, decision-makers and other parties of society with new information.

The values of sports can be strengthened through co-operation focused on research and science. Research is conducted in co-operation with a wide variety of parties, including universities, research institutes, sports stakeholders and expert organisations from other industries. Parties in the sports community, such as the Olympic Committee and the Paralympic Committee and sports federations are important partners of ours.

An important aspect is to transmit and adapt good operational models from other sectors of society to benefit sports stakeholders in promoting a more ethical and safer sports culture in co-operation with other parties.

The various aspects of equality are identified and taken into account in planning, carrying out and reporting FINCIS’ research activities. 

Research activities in Finland

FINCIS promotes and conducts research and studies related to the ethical questions of sports together with various parties. In 2017, FINCIS set up its own series of publications aimed to share and deliver information about ethical themes in sports. FINCIS also produces studies and reports on sport ethics.

In addition to general ethical issues in sports, the themes of research emphasise the content and goals of our activities and tasks as well as the needs of stakeholders. 

The themes studied by FINCIS are:

  • general sport ethics
  • anti-doping activities
  • prevention of manipulation of sports competitions
  • spectator comfort and safety

Anti-doping research

Multidisciplinary research is an essential tool for the ongoing development of anti-doping activities. The aim of FINCIS' activities focusing on anti-doping research is to gain new information and insight of the global state of anti-doping research, creating a foundation and grounds for further research measures in Finland.

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Kaksi miekkailijaa

Research on manipulation of sports competitions

Preventing manipulation of sports competitions is one of the key themes of FINCIS' research activities.

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Rullatuolirugby peli käynnissä

Ethics research

FINCIS’ mission is to share and produce information. FINCIS promotes general ethical conduct in sports through knowledge-based leadership and by actively contributing to Finnish society. Research is a key instrument in this respect.

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