FINCIS conducts investigations into suspected anti-doping rule violations and ethical violations in sports. Investigations involve close co-operation between the authorities and other actors at both national and international level.

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Investigative anti-doping methods

In modern anti-doping activities, investigative methods are an integral part of doping control proceedings. This is highlighted by both the Finnish and World Anti-Doping Codes as well as in the International Standard for Testing and Investigations. The purpose of investigation is to gather evidence both of an anti-doping rule violation as well as any facts that may indicate that a violation has not taken place.

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Investigation of manipulation of sports competitions

Sports federations play a central role in the investigation of manipulation of sports competitions, because any sanctioning is carried out by the federations. Whenever necessary, FINCIS can support the investigation or carry out the investigation upon the request of a federation. FINCIS or the federation submit a report of an offence to the police if the investigation reveals any matters that entail a reasonable cause to suspect a crime. 

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Investigation of serious ethical violations

Common disciplinary provisions for serious misconduct and serious ethical violations in sports and exercise entered into force at the beginning of 2022. The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports (FINCIS) is responsible for investigating violations under these disciplinary regulations and for making disciplinary requirements.

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