It is the time for curling to take the baton of fair competition and clean sports

The World Junior Curling Championships promote the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports challenge campaign for fair competition. The campaign has involved more than 30 international sports events held in Finland since 2008.

The World Junior Curling Championships will receive the challenge campaign symbol of fair competition and clean sports, the golden baton, at its opening ceremony on Saturday, 17 February. The baton will be passed to Kisakallio by the European Squash Championships, which took place in April 2023 in Helsinki. The baton will be accepted on behalf of the sport by the reigning world junior champion, Scottish team skip Robyn Munro.

“Fair play is a vital part of sport and ensures a level playing field which in turn brings all the things I love about being involved in sport: respect, friendship, equality and integrity. This is important because without clean and fair sport we would lose all these values that athletes cherish, our love of the sport outweighs any desire to win unfairly and reminds us to play true, fair and honestly”, says Robyn Munro.

Fair play and clean sports are featured at the World Championships. The FINCIS information stand is open in the Kisakallio main building from Monday 19 to Friday 23 February between 12:00 noon and 5:00 p.m. Athletes, coaches and the audience can vote for the fair competition athlete of the Championships at the information stand. The athlete will receive an award and prizes will be raffled from among all who cast a vote.

At FINCIS’ stand, you can pick up a flag sticker of your favourite country and cheer on your favourites. You can also craft your own “I compete fair and clean” badge, which reflects the values of sport, at the stand. Athletes can test their knowledge of anti-doping matters with the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Play True Quiz, which is available in a number of languages. The best quizzers will take home a sports water bottle as a prize.

The FINCIS information stand is organised in co-operation with the World Curling, Kisakallio Sports Institute and Perho Business College students.

The World Junior Curling Championships will be held in Lohja’s Kisakallio on 17–24 February. More information about the event:

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