Fair Competition in the European Athletics U23 Championships

The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCIS summer tour is visiting the European Athletics U23 Championships in Espoo. FINCIS will present its activities and inspire the spectators to encourage all athletes to perform well in the spirit of fair play. The world’s first anti-doping dog, Molly, will also visit the event.

The FINCIS information stand holds activities for both athletes and spectators. Athletes can test their anti-doping knowledge in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Play True quiz, which is available in various languages. The best athletes will take home a sports water bottle as a prize. Spectators can vote for the Fair Play athlete of the event at the information stand. The athlete with the most votes will be rewarded at the end of the championships.

Spectators can test their own skills at the information stand. The best results of the day in the chain throwing game will be rewarded. Spectators can also pick up flag stickers at the FINCIS’ information stand to support their country—or collect the whole set in the spirit of fair play.

The world’s first anti-doping dog will arrive in Finland in July for the European Athletics U23 Championships. Molly, a Springer Spaniel from Sweden, performs a wide range of anti-doping work with her keen sense of smell. Molly, nine years old, has had a career of six years in clean sports and her discoveries have led to a number of positive results. Molly works with her instructor on European Championships in athletics to find traces of odours of prohibited substances that improve performance from equipment and bags.

The FINCIS information stand is open at the Market Square on 14–15 July from 4 pm to 8.30 pm. Come and experience the match atmosphere in the spirit of fair play!

The European U23 Championships in Athletics will bring together more than 1,100 athletes from 48 European countries to Espoo on 13–16 July 2023. The Championships will start with racewalking. The competition will be held in Leppävaara Sports Park already on 12 July. More information about the event: https://espoo2023.fi/en/.

Additional information:
Susanna Sokka
FINCIS Communication Manager
tel.: +358 (0)40 740 7477