Timo Laitinen elected new Chair of FINCIS

In its autumn meeting, the Board of the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports (FINCIS) elected Master of Laws Timo Laitinen, Director of the State Treasury, as its new Chair. He takes over the position from Master of Laws Pekka Ilmivalta, Senior Vice President, Communications and CSR, Veikkaus Oy. A new board was also appointed for FINCIS.

Pekka Ilmivalta was Chair of FINCIS from 2012 to 2017. The most significant event during his time was changing the Finnish Antidoping Agency FINADA into the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports (FINCIS) in 2016. With the change, the association’s tasks expanded from anti-doping activities to preventing manipulation of sports competitions and increasing spectator comfort and safety.

– During my term as Chair, my target was to keep Finland in the front line of development when it comes to doping control. With the new international treaties, expanding the duties of the association became my second goal. I feel I have succeeded very well in these tasks. Finland is one of the top countries in the world in terms of anti-doping activities and the new tasks of FINCIS have sprung promptly into action. This success has been possible thanks to a competent and efficient staff and smooth co-operation with various parties, says Pekka Ilmivalta.

Ilmivalta is delighted about the selection of the new Board, as change furthers the development of the association’s activities. He feels that Timo Laitinen will be a fantastic successor, as he is a strong sports expert with the experience and perspective needed to move FINCIS forward. Laitinen has a clear vision for the development of the association.

– I accept this position humbly but with enthusiasm. I want FINCIS to become a bold opinion leader that participates in the discussion and is not afraid to speak up even on difficult topics. Pekka Ilmivalta has done excellent work in both FINADA and the new organisation. I wish to thank him warmly. His work has created a great foundation to build on in developing activities, Timo Laitinen says.

In Laitinen’s view, sport ethics are at a relatively good level in Finland, but there is still a lot to do.

– FINCIS’ job as a promoter of sport ethics is extremely broad and involves a great deal of obligations. FINCIS cannot protect sports alone. Strengthening ethics in sports is the right and the duty of each of us operators. Together we can create an ethically sustainable sports culture. With new operating models, we can also guarantee our position as an international forerunner, Laitinen says.

FINCIS’ Board is responsible for FINCIS’ governance, finances and strategic guidelines. It plans, monitors and evaluates FINCIS’ activities and approves Finland’s Anti-Doping Code.

Three of FINCIS’ Board Members are appointed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The Finnish Olympic Committee and the Finnish Paralympic Committee together appoint three members and the Finnish Society of Sports Medicine appoints one member. Additionally, the Athletes’ Commission of the Finnish Olympic Committee appoints one Permanent Expert Member who does not have voting rights.  

The composition of FINCIS’ Board for 2018–2019 is:

Chair Deputy Member

Timo Laitinen
Finnish Olympic Committee   

Mikko Salonen
Finnish Olympic Committee
Ordinary Members Deputy Member

Maria Carlsson
Ministry of Education and Culture

Kimmo J. Lipponen
Ministry of Education and Culture 

Hanna-Mari Manninen
Ministry of Education and Culture

Hannu Itkonen
Ministry of Education and Culture

Petri Pohjonen
Ministry of Education and Culture

Merja Leinonen
Ministry of Education and Culture

Nelli Kuokka
Finnish Olympic Committee   

Petri Heikkinen
Finnish Olympic Committee   

Niko Jakobsson
Finnish Paralympic Committee  

Katja Saarinen
Finnish Paralympic Committee  

Olavi Airaksinen
Finnish Society for Sports Medicine

Tommi Vasankari
Finnish Society for Sports Medicine
Expert Member    

Antti Kempas
Finnish Olympic Committee, Athletes’ Commission    

For additional information, please contact:

Susanna Sokka
FINCIS Information Manager
Tel. +358 40 740 7477