The message of fair play carried on by World Championship group gymnasts

Aesthetic group gymnasts continue the international challenge campaign for fair sports. The world’s best aesthetic group gymnasts will meet in Helsinki on 19–21 November, at the same time passing on the challenge of fair play.

Both women and younger athletes will compete in the World Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Championships in their respective categories. There will also be an IFAGG Trophy competition. The World Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Championships is also part of the 125th anniversary of Finnish gymnastics, and a show in celebration thereof will take place on Saturday night in the week of the competition. So, there will be plenty to experience for those who enjoy the combination of artistry and demanding top-level sports. 64 teams from 15 different countries will participate in the event.

The challenge of fair play is passed on to the gymnasts by the weightlifters who competed in the European Junior & U23 Weightlifting Championships in Rovaniemi in September. On behalf of the weightlifters, the golden baton of the challenge campaign will be handed over by Jannike Bäckström.

“This baton conveys the European Championship weightlifters’ encouragement to all aesthetic group gymnasts to play fair and promote clean sports,” says Bäckström.

Oona Haatanen (from Team Minetit) will receive the baton on behalf of all teams at the opening ceremony of the World Championship in Helsinki Ice Hall.

“Thank you for passing on the golden baton of fair play! We promise to carry the message of fair play forward together, with all of us encouraging each other,” says Oona Haatanen.

This marks the fifth time that the World Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Championships will be organised in Finland. The sport has strong traditions in Finland, firmly rooted in the Finnish parquets. The first World Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Championships were held in Finland in 2000, also in Helsinki, and the last time the World Championship were held in Finland was four years ago.

The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports (FINCIS) will share information on clean sports practices at the World Championships event. At the FINCIS information stand, athletes can test their anti-doping knowledge and vote for the Fair Play Athlete of the event, among other things. The FINCIS information stand will be at the venue, for the athletes, on 19 November and for the public on 20 November. In addition, FINCIS will organise an advance info session for the athletes and teams at the start of the event.

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