Sportradar Integrity Services

Sportradar Integrity Services is a global commercial supplier focused on strengthening the integrity of sport and a partner to more than 150 sports federations and leagues.

In 2022, FINCIS signed an agreement with Sportradar on the monitoring of betting data in Finnish sports competitions. About 5,000 matches in various sports are monitored in Finland, including bandy, basketball, floorball, futsal, handball, ice hockey, mixed martial arts, Finnish baseball, football and volleyball. Co-operation with Sportradar provides a significant additional advantage in combatting the manipulation of sports competitions.

The Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) used by Sportradar is an advanced and reliable bet monitoring system. Sportradar’s experts review deviating betting behaviour and collaborate with their partners, such as FINCIS.

Sportradar Integrity Services has detected more than 7,300 suspicious matches over the past 17 years, of which more than 600 took place in 2022 alone. The company’s other services include providing information and technology to media companies, betting operators and sports federations. The aim of the activities is to enable equality in sports.