Lahti 2017 proclaimed as clean sports championships

The Nordic Ski World Championships that opened today in Lahti are now included in the clean sports challenge campaign of international sports events. As an emblem of committing to ethical operations, the Golden Baton of Clean Sport was spotted today in Lahti. The Baton travels around Finnish major sports competitions. The championships also feature students in anti-doping work as part of a globally unique co-operation concept.

The Golden Baton is part of the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCIS’s / Finnish Anti-Doping Agency FINADA’s work on behalf of fair sports. Since 2009, this baton has been seen at numerous international championships in Finland, most recently in Helsinki at the ISU World Junior Speed Skating Championships.

Sports Director at the Finnish Speed Skating Association Janne Hänninen and speed skater Samuli Suomalainen presented the Golden Baton to Secretary General of Lahti 2017 Championships Janne Leskinen and skier Sami “Musti” Jauhojärvi today at the championships’ opening ceremony. The baton carries the Clean Sports message onwards.

“Clean sports is the only right way. It honours everyone and treats everyone fairly. We had excellent world junior championships in speed skating. I wish you a similar success with the championships and promise to both cheer on and live through the championships and enjoy your performances,” said Suomalainen. 

“I am happy that fairness in sports has continued to develop all over the world, thanks to effective doping control. However, global equality is still some way off. It is my hope that all of us—athletes and fans who follow sports—can work together so that we can make sports clean and fair. “Together” is the theme of the Finland100 anniversary year, and the Lahti2017 Championships are the year’s biggest event. Let’s together make these championships the most fair ever,” said Jauhojärvi.

FINCIS and the International Ski Federation FIS present the message of clean sports in many ways at Lahti2017. Athletes tell their thoughts on fair play on videos shown on the screens. Medalists write their signatures on a giant snow ball, appealing for clean sports and fair play.

FINCIS has an information stand on the Athletes’ Square where you can vote for the fairest athlete of the championships. Finnish sports students are in charge of the information stand as part of their studies. Passing a study module by participating in World Championships is something unique even on a global scale and benefits both the students and the event organisers. 

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