In a unique collaboration, students carry out antidoping activities at Lahti2017

Students of sport and health sciences will participate in real antidoping activities at Lahti 2017 World Ski Championships as part of their studies. Passing a large study module by participating in World Championships is something unique even on a global scale and benefits both the students and the event organisers. The students will be trained for their duties by the Finnish Antidoping Agency FINADA which has been hired by the organisers to implement doping control at the competition.

Nearly 20 students from Finnish sports institutes will be taking a study module called “Antidoping activities in international top-level competitions” at the World Championships in Lahti. This collaboration project is a continuation to the sports institutes’ active and systematic efforts for clean sport. Together with the event organisers and FINADA, the students will spread information about clean sport both on the Athletes’ Square in Lahti and in the Athletes’ Village in Vierumäki. In addition, they will serve as athletes’ chaperones at doping tests.

“We collaborate extensively with educational institutions, such as Lahti University of Applied Sciences. It is our objective that these collaboration projects genuinely benefit the students. At the same time, we can train young people in the art of event organising,” says Janne Leskinen, Secretary General of Lahti2017.

FINADA signed an agreement with the Championships organisation on the implementation of doping tests at Lahti2017. The doping tests will be carried out in accordance with the rules and standards of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the International Ski Federation (FIS).

“We are very happy to have this group of skilled and motivated young people to help us with the antidoping activities in the games. A study period lasting for more than 12 months and the work at the event itself must be a great experience for the students. It will also teach them a lot about antidoping activities at a major sport event. The students had an opportunity to get busy already at the Pre-World Championships. We want to encourage students to get involved with antidoping activities in the future as well,” says FINADA Secretary General, Pirjo Ruutu.

“This collaborative project is a long-awaited step in acquainting the new generation with the antidoping process and the meticulous work involved with it. The students will be given the opportunity to learn by working with some of the leading experts at one of the largest international sporting events. They will gain valuable experience and receive an opportunity to improve their expertise, which will benefit both the students themselves and the antidoping community in the long term,” says Sarah Lewis, FIS Secretary General.

The Nordic Ski World Championships will be held in Lahti 22 February – 5 March 2017. The competition will be the largest spectator event of the year in Finland, celebrating the country’s 100 years of independence.

Further information:

Pirjo Ruutu
Secretary General, FINADA
+358 400 503 798

Janne Leskinen
Secretary General, Lahti2017
+358 400 300 930