FINCIS awaits decisions regarding doping test bottles

Information from National Anti-Doping Organisations has been received that a small number of doping test bottles (new generation BEREG-KIT Geneva security bottles) can be opened after freezing without leaving any indication of having been opened. No problems have occurred in tests conducted by the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCIS. We have not received any information of cases where bottles could have been opened without breaking the seal.

The Swiss Berlinger doping test equipment has been in use in Finland since the beginning of the 2000s without any problems. Doping test equipment is under constant development and in Finland, for instance, the new doping test bottles have been in use at the same time with the previous model since the end of 2017. The closing mechanism of the new bottles is different from the previous model’s mechanism. FINCIS has instructed its doping control officers on the use of the new doping test bottles, as is standard procedure whenever testing equipment is changed.

“We have not received any information of cases where bottles could have been opened after being closed without breaking the seal on the lid. We have contacted our doping control officers as well as our laboratory and informed them about the situation,” says Katja Huotari, Doping Control Manager at FINCIS.

Athletes always select the doping test bottle they want to use and have the right to select another bottle if they detect a flaw in the original bottle. At the end of the test, the athlete seals the bottle and ensures that it cannot be opened. Finally, a doping control officer checks the doping test bottles and makes sure that they cannot be opened and that there is no leak. In the laboratory, bottle A is sent immediately to analysis and bottle B is frozen for further analysis in the event of a positive sample.

“We are monitoring the situation and waiting for decisions on the matter. We are prepared to react quickly, if necessary. The legal protection of athletes is something we take very seriously,” says Huotari.

The World Anti-Doping Agency WADA and the manufacturer Berlinger are investigating the matter.

For additional information, please contact:
Susanna Sokka
FINCIS Information Manager
Tel. +358 40 740 7477