Evaluation of the anti-doping activities of Finnish sports organisations

The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCIS carried out an evaluation of the anti-doping programmes of sports organisations and the implementation of those programmes. According to FINCIS’s evaluation, 23 out of 81 Finnish sports organisations are carrying out top-level anti-doping activities.

According to Finland’s Anti-Doping Code, all organisations to which the rules are applied must have a valid anti-doping programme in place and they must implement it as part of their operations. The programmes and their implementation have an effect on government subsidies. The operational mode, which is unique in the world, has evoked international interest and it will be presented, for example, in the Council of Europe’s education work group for anti-doping activities.

“Without commitment, there is no credible anti-doping policy. Without high-quality anti-doping work, there is no credible sports. The number of responses and the achieved results show that organisations understand this and are committed to clean sports,” says Tiina Kivisaari, Director, the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

In the summer 2018, sports organisations received and responded to an evaluation survey on anti-doping programmes and their implementation. FINCIS carried out its own evaluation based on the responses.

The differences between the organisations were taken into account in the scoring applied to the evaluation. The evaluation gave weight to anti-doping programmes that are compliant with FINCIS’ 2015 criteria and based on the valid World Anti-Doping Code. Based on the evaluation, associations were divided into three categories: top, mid-level and developing. The results of organisations are comparable.

The anti-doping programme survey was sent to 81 associations and federations. FINCIS received responses from 70 organisations.

Top level
Badminton Finland
Finnish Dance Sport Association
Finnish Handball Federation
The Finnish Olympic Committee
Finnish Weightlifting Federation
Football Association of Finland
Finnish Floorball Federation
Finnish Ski Association
Finland Aquatics Federation
Finnish Ice Hockey Association
Finnish Wrestling Federation
Finnish Orienteering Federation
Finnish Tennis Association
Finnish Shooting Sport Federation
Finnish Karate Federation
Finnish Fencing and Pentathlon Association
Finnish Motorcycling Federation
American Football Association of Finland
Finnish Aeronautical Association
Finnish Figure Skating Association
Finnish Billiard Federation
Finnish Boxing Association
Finnish Sleddog Sport Federation

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