World Junior Speed Skating Championships take part in the challenge campaign for clean sport

The World Junior Speed Skating Championships, currently being held in Helsinki, was challenged today to become a messenger for clean sport. The event was given the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports’ Golden Baton of Clean Sport, which challenges its receiver to promote fair play.

The Golden Baton of Clean Sport has travelled as an emblem of clean sports in over 20 international sport events organized in Finland. Member of the board of the Finnish Floorball Federation Mr. Milan Rantakari and players of the Finnish national women’s World Floorball Championships (2015 silver) team Ms. Trine Sällström and Ms. Daniela Westerlund passed the Golden Baton on to the Finnish Speed Skating Association Chairman Mr. Vesa Rosendahl and speed skater Ms. Anni Käsnänen today at the Oulunkylä ice rink.

“The Golden Baton is an honor as well as an obligation. We were proud to receive the challenge at the women’s World Floorball Championships and to be included in the long chain of fair sporting events. We now pass the message on and wish the speed skaters a good and clean championships.”

“We promise to have a fair championship race here at Oulunkylä’s ice rink. From here, the Golden Baton will continue on to the Centenary World Championships in Lahti. This campaign shows everyone how serious we are about promoting fair and clean sports in Finland. All sports united as a single front”, says Rosendahl.

The organizers of the championships, International Skating Union ISO and FINCIS will be giving out more information about clean sport and anti-doping activities in their joint information stand at event.
The ISU World Junior Speed Skating Championships, for competitors under the age of 19, will be held in Helsinki 17–19 February 2017. The event will take place at Oulukylä’s ice rink. Almost 200 athletes from over 20 different countries will take part in the championships.

For more information, please contact:

Susanna Sokka
FINCIS/FINADA – Information Manager
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