FINCIS complies with the instructions of the authorities in its doping control

The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports pays attention to the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus and takes the situation seriously. Anti-doping education and training sessions will be implemented through remote connections, and online training is preferred. Since competition activities are suspended, there are no large testing events. Out-of-competition tests can be carried out in compliance with the instructions of the authorities. 

“We are aware of the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on our society, sports as well as the broader sports communities in Finland and globally. Although the number of tests will decrease for the time being, it is worth remembering that doping control is an endurance sport. Testing is just one part of the supervision. We are using other means as well, such as investigative methods and individual long-term monitoring of top athletes that lasts several years,” says Katja Huotari, Doping Control Manager at FINCIS. 

Testing operations have been changed in order to protect the health of athletes to be tested. Doping control officers use protective clothing and maintain the required safe distance to the athletes. 

For other parts, regular practices are applied and athletes included in the testing pool must enter their whereabouts information in the ADAMS system as normal. 

“Athletes can contact FINCIS as normal if they have any questions about doping control. The health of athletes as well as doping control officers is of paramount importance,” says Katja Huotari. 

FINCIS monitors the situation and updates its operations as required by the instructions of the authorities and the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA.  


Further information:

Susanna Sokka

FINCIS Communication Manager

Tel. +358 40 740 7477