Spectator Safety

The safety of sports events in Finland can be regarded as good. However, there are signs that the situation may take a turn for the worse: fan groups have already agreed and arranged brawls in connection with football and ice-hockey games. It is important that both the authorities and event organisers in Finland seek to stay informed and especially prevent the occurrence and spread of violent behaviour.

The event organiser is responsible for keeping order and ensuring safety at public events. The organiser must issue a written notification of arranging a public event to the local police five days before the start of the event at the latest. However, the notification need not be issued for a public event that, due to the small number of participants, its nature or the type of location, does not need any special measures to keep order and maintain safety, to prevent inconvenience to outsiders and the environment, or special traffic arrangements.

The spectators of the event must behave appropriately and not disturb others unreasonably. All forms of racism or racist behaviour are prohibited and must be prevented beforehand. It is prohibited to bring intoxicants or dangerous items to events. First-aid personnel must be available at events for spectators.

Security personnel must ensure the safety and comfort of spectators, mainly through guidance and advice.

The police can issue instructions and rules about organising a public event before or during it, where necessary. The organiser must ensure that police and rescue vehicles have unobstructed access to the parts of the site they consider necessary. A public event must be interrupted or terminated if continuing it would cause immediate danger to people's safety, property or the environment. High-ranking police officers have the right to interrupt a public event or terminate it if other measures have proved insufficient.

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