FINCIS promotes sport ethics through extensive and multidisciplinary research. The objective of coordinating and developing new research projects is to provide new data for decision-makers and other parties in sports and physical activity.

Through our co-operation focusing on research and science, we strengthen ethical values in sports, bring data into the national discussion on values, and increase the appreciation of sports. Our key focus is also to transmit and adapt ethical operational models for the best interests of the parties in the field to promote fair and clean sports.

Research activities in Finland

FINCIS promotes and conducts research and studies related to the ethical questions of sports together with different parties. Areas of interest include:

  • anti-doping activities
  • preventing manipulation of sports competitions
  • promoting spectator comfort and safety and
  • other ethical questions in sports.

International co-operation

We closely monitor international research on the ethical questions of sports and engage in an active dialogue with international parties. In addition, we participate in international meetings and congresses in the field and pay research visits.

Nina Laakso

Nina Laakso

Research Manager

phone: +358 400 808 940