The international antidoping agreement IADA is an intergovernmental alliance with strong involvement by national antidoping agencies. IADA exercises active influence on the development of the WADA Code and Standards. It also prepares its own initiatives and develops antidoping work with its projects and programmes.

The IADA agreement (International Anti-Doping Arrangement) was concluded in 1991, and its secretarial staff is located in Norway in 2015–2016.

Implementation and member states of the IADA agreement

The IADA agreement promotes best antidoping practices and experiences. The IADA countries make initiatives and influence WADA's activities.

The IADA member countries are Australia, Canada, Finland, Denmark, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The representatives of the member country governments and antidoping agencies convene 1–2 times a year.

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