Fair Win tour

The Fair Win information stand is touring various sports events in Finland. You can invite the information stand to your sports event, such as national or international competitions or a training camp.

The Fair Win information stand is an educational and fun feature for your event. At the information stand, FINCIS distributes information and answers questions on manipulation of sports competitions, spectator safety and clean sports. The public has a chance to vote for the athlete who best represents the spirit of fair play. We can also arrange complementary features, such as lectures and friendly competitions. All ideas are welcome! Together we can set up an outstanding clean sports event.

The service is free for sports federations. FINCIS attempts to participate in as many events as its resources allow.

If you would like to have the Fair Win information stand at your event, please send an application by email to FINCIS Information Manager Susanna Sokka. Make sure you include the following information about the event:

  • time
  • location
  • target groups
  • intended location of information stand
  • ideas about other activities.
Susanna Sokka

Susanna Sokka

Information Manager, Internet website

phone: +358 40 740 7477

e-mail: susanna.sokka@suek.fi

Piia Pöyhönen

Piia Pöyhönen

Education Manager

phone: +358 50 490 9959

e-mail: piia.poyhonen@suek.fi