Education activities

Education increases competence in sport ethics and ensures that up-to-date information reaches athletes and other important stakeholders. FINCIS provides training extensively for different target groups.

FINCIS plans and implements its training and training materials according to the target group. Trainings regarding anti-doping and manipulation of sports competitions are organised for young athletes aiming for the top as well as their support persons and other sports stakeholders. Each stakeholder has its responsibility and rights in promoting ethics.

Education for athletes

In training sessions for athletes, FINCIS takes the participants' ages, previous knowledge and level in sports into account. The main themes include:

  • commitment to Anti-Doping Codes, agreements and the consequences of anti-doping rule violations
  • prohibited substances and methods in sports and athlete's therapeutic use exemption
  • doping control
  • stakeholders in anti-doping activities
  • preventing manipulation of sports competitions
  • promoting spectator safety and comfort

Education for coaches

Coaches and instructors at athletic clubs should discuss doping and other sport ethics issues with their athletes. FINCIS training provides good resources for this. The anti-doping sections of instructor and coach training are developed in co-operation with the sports federations and educational institutions.

Education for sport clubs

Sport clubs can organise manipulation of sports competitions and anti-doping education and training sessions for their athletes and stakeholders in co-operation with FINCIS. Training, which is tailored for the target group, is mainly arranged for clubs with national and international-level athletes. The price for club training is EUR 150.

Piia Pöyhönen

Piia Pöyhönen

Education Manager

phone: +358 50 490 9959