Antidoping programmes in general

Sports federations and sports institutes make a strong statement with their own antidoping programmes, publicly promoting clean sports. An antidoping programme inspires and commits people to high-quality antidoping activities, defines the methods and objectives of antidoping work, and efficiently spreads the word about fair play. From an international perspective, Finnish sports federations and sports institutes are progressive antidoping operators: their antidoping programmes have raised strong interest and enhanced Finland's position as a pioneer in antidoping work.

The main purpose of antidoping work is to promote a negative attitude towards doping and other violations of fair play among athletes through education and communication. All stakeholders must join forces in advancing the message of clean sports. Implementing an antidoping programme of their own is a natural way for sports federations and sports institutes to take responsibility and prove that they support clean sports.

Antidoping programmes of sports federations and other sports organisations

National sports federations and their members play a key role in promoting clean sports. Finland's Antidoping Code, valid since the beginning of 2015, obligates sports federations to produce antidoping programmes which they must realize, evaluate and, if necessary, update during their operations. FINCIS will evaluate and report the programmes of the sports federations and their implementation to the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The evaluations will be taken into consideration when granting state subsidies for the sports federations. The evaluations will be taken into consideration when granting state subsidies for the sports federations. The latest evaluation of the programmes was carried out in 2018.

The starting points of a sports federation's antidoping programme are the federation's strategic choices as well as the principles of fair play. Each federation has a different type of antidoping programme. The programme depends on the number of participants, the characteristics of the sport as well as the training systems. On their website, FINCIS publishes the antidoping programmes of different sports federations to help other federations design their own programmes.

In their antidoping programmes, the federations define the policies, target groups (including the federation's operators, young athletes, disabled athletes and coaches) and the supervisors of their antidoping work, among other things. The board of the sports federation usually confirms the antidoping programme. After completing the programme, the federation should see to its proper communication and making people committed. The antidoping work should be taken into consideration in the action plan and reported in the annual report.

FINCIS has updated the criteria for the antidoping programmes of sports federations (04/2015), the purpose of which is to help the federations design and realize their own antidoping programmes. FINCIS also provides comments on the programmes of the federations before their publication and, thus, helps the federations create the best possible antidoping programmes. FINCIS has agreed to comment on the antidoping programmes of each federation within two weeks of receiving the programmes from the federations. The programmes can be delivered to the Communications Manager of FINCIS for commenting.

Clean Win Sports Institute programme

It is also advisable for sports institutes, who have a key position in the training of athletes, as training grounds for top athletes, and as international meeting places for people interested in sports, to produce their own inspiring antidoping programmes. The programmes are a strong statement from Finnish sports institutes: doping is not welcome here. By producing their own antidoping programme, a sports institute also increases their antidoping skills and strengthens their ethical values. The sports institutes who have produced an antidoping programme and signed the agreement are allowed to use the Clean Win Sports Institute – Doping Free logo in their operations.

The Association of Sports Institutes of Finland and the sports institutes of Varala and Vierumäki have cooperated with FINCIS to compile a manual for the antidoping programmes of sports institutes. The purpose of the manual is to assist the antidoping programme work of the sports institutes. FINCIS will comment on the antidoping programmes of each institute within two weeks of receiving the programmes from the institutes. The programmes can be delivered to the Communications Manager of FINCIS for commenting.

The antidoping programmes of sports institute emphasise educational work and cooperation to enhance doping control both in institute facilities and in areas used for sports. The staff are trained to detect signs of doping and to address the issue appropriately.

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