The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCIS reinforces an ethically sustainable sports culture in co-operation with other parties. FINCIS' areas of responsibility include anti-doping activities, preventing the manipulation of sports competitions and promoting spectator safety and comfort. FINCIS is uncompromising in its work to promote the spirit of fair play and clean sports. Reliably, fairly and together. Fair Win!


Finnish sports is ethical and fair: all sports organisations have regularly updated ethical programmes that guide their activities. The programmes set an example in the global sports movement and in other areas of Finnish society.


Ethical activity

Objective: an ethically sustainable exercise and sports culture supported by expertise, co-operation and knowledge-based leadership

FINCIS promotes ethics in sports by leading based on knowledge and actively contributing to Finnish society. Our research activities are a central tool in this work. It is essential to recognise the need for information on various phenomena and to produce and share new information, taking into account social impact and stakeholders' needs.

FINCIS carries out or launches investigations and studies to produce new information for the entire sports community and society in order to support decision-making. We also start national conversations on values and actively contribute to the debate.

Anti-doping activities

Objective: clean sport

Doping control is the first and only area of ethics in sports that has a generally accepted global code, adherence to which is controlled by the sports organisations themselves. FINCIS is responsible for doping control in Finland. Doping control and Therapeutic Use Exemption proceedings follow the Anti-Doping Code and international standards as well as technical documents. Doping control concerns all who take part in organised sports.

Prevention of competition manipulation

Objective: detection, prevention and sanction
FINCIS defends the rules of sport, the principles of fair play and is for its part responsible for the implementation of the international treaty for the prevention of manipulation of sports competitions in Finland. It also offers authorities the necessary help for preventing the crimes associated with manipulation. FINCIS' activities indirectly defend also the fairness and legality of sports betting. 
FINCIS' activities aim to make all stakeholders aware of the risk of competition manipulation and how to prevent it. Manipulation attempts are detected, prevented and sanctioned. Efficient measures restrict the scope of action available for criminal activity associated with international sports betting in Finland. Competition manipulation does not belong in sports. 

Spectator safety and comfort

Objective: creating a positive fan culture
FINCIS works together with the responsible authorities to implement the international treaty on spectator comfort and safety in Finland. 
FINCIS' aim is to create a unified front of the sports movement and the authorities, which will improve fan culture and enhance spectator comfort, as well as prevent personal injuries and property damage among sports spectators.


Objective: readiness to make ethical and fair choices
Education increases competence in sport ethics and ensures that up-to-date information reaches athletes and other important stakeholders. FINCIS provides training extensively for different target groups. Ethics training is offered on the themes on which FINCIS produces research data.


Objective: improving and developing the standards of internal sports investigations
The efficient use and planned long-term development of methods of investigation. Investigations involve close co-operation between the authorities and other actors at a national and international level.
FINCIS efficiently uses various methods of investigation to carry out its tasks. It investigates cases based either on stakeholder request or denunciation.

Research activities

Objective: the development and evaluation of FINCIS activities and knowledge-based leadership for an ethically sustainable exercise and sports culture
FINCIS produces data to support ethical decision-making in sports and exercise. The organisation develops its own activities and measures its success. In addition, it produces data needed for external reports.


Objective: reinforcing a respectful sports culture together with various social actors 
FINCIS shares research-based information on sports culture and its phenomena to support choices and decision-making. Together with other sports stakeholders we aim to create a strong, ethically sustainable sports culture, and have an impact on sports reputation, funding and legislation.


Objective: increasing the appreciation for sports and addressing problems with a focus on solutions
FINCIS communications promote an ethically sustainable sports culture based on accurate, research-based information. As an active contributor in social debate, FINCIS addresses also problems in sports and looks for solutions in co-operation with other actors. We have a positive influence on the reputation of both sports and sports stakeholders.

Members and funding

FINCIS is a non-profit organisation that receives its primary funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture's lottery funds. FINCIS has four members:
  • The Finnish Olympic Committee,
  • The Finnish Paralympic Committee,
  • The Finnish Society of Sports Medicine,
  • The Finnish Government, represented by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
Everyone must have a right for an equal and safe sports culture. This is made possible through active co-operation both within sports and in other areas of society. FINCIS contributes actively to the co-operation toward this goal, and challenges other actors to join in.
Teemu Japisson

Teemu Japisson

Secretary General

phone: +358 400 878 949