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The strongest men and women in the world invite the world’s best women floorball players to join the clean sport challenge


The representatives of the Women's World Floorball Championships will receive the Golden Baton of Clean Sport, which has made appearances in international competitions held in Finland, during the opening day of the WFC 2015 on December 4th. Antidoping activity is exceptionally well represented in...
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FINADA’s activities to be expanded—handling of ethical issues to become more centralised


On 18 November, the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture appointed an advisory board on ethical issues in sports for 2015–2018. The advisory board will function as a coordination and cooperation body between the various administrative sectors, on the one hand, and stakeholders in sports, on...
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Antidoping work has high visibility at the Strongman/Strongwoman World Championships


Gold glitters at Aulanko on Saturday as Aulanko Power Weekend accepts the Golden Baton of Clean Sport. It signifies that the event is strongly committed to antidoping work – for the first time in the history of the sport. The Strongman and Strongwoman World Champion titles are up for grabs...
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Powerlifting world championship competition promotes clean sport


The Classic Powerlifting World Championship 2015 in Salo, Finland, on 5–14 June, is participating in the clean sport challenge campaign for international sporting events organised in Finland. This world championship event has today declared itself a clean sport and fair play event. A...
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International conference on doping in recreational sports gathers the top experts to Helsinki in September


The scientific conference on doping in recreational sports, the 5th Nordic Conference on Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs and Anti-Doping Work, takes place in Helsinki, Finland on 24-25 September 2015. The event gathers the scientific community involved in the field to share knowledge...
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The Clean Win programme will be present at the W96 handball European championships qualification games


The Finnish national handball team for 19-year-old women meets their Turkish and Hungarian contenders at the European championships qualification games at the Pirkkola Ball Hall in Helsinki on 17–19 April. The winner of the qualifications gets to participate in the handball European championships...
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FINADA publishes doping test statistics for 2014 – New practices for doping control in 2015


The Finnish Antidoping Agency FINADA has published its doping test statistics for 2014.  In 2014, FINADA carried out 3,020 doping tests in Finland and abroad. There were eight antidoping rule violations. Finland's new Antidoping Code brought significant changes in doping control. The...
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Kontiolahti World Championships in Biathlon promote clean sport


The 2015 World Championships in Biathlon are participating in a Finnish campaign for clean sport and have been declared a clean sporting event. In recognition of this, the organisers have today received the Golden Baton of clean sport. Spectators and athletes are welcome to discuss fair play at...
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