Educational institutions

FINCIS cooperates with various institutions to reach athletes from different sports, new professionals in the sports sector and health care personnel. FINCIS provides institutions with training and education services and ready-made material as well as the Clean Win online training service. 

Lectures on anti-doping activities and prevention of manipulation of sports competitions are part of the curriculum for athletes in various institutions. The training and education services provided by FINCIS are free of charge to institutions and sports academies. In general, FINCIS educates athletes in exercise- and sports-oriented secondary schools, general upper secondary schools, vocational educational institutions and sports academies. FINCIS also trains future professionals in the sports sector and health care personnel working with athletes. 

You can submit a request by contacting the Education Manager.

Clean Win online training

Clean Win is an online training service that athletes, their support personnel as well as other sports stakeholders can use to learn about anti-doping and ensure that they have the latest information. The content of the service is based on anti-doping codes that entered into force on 1 January 2021. 

The Clean Win online training can be completed in one lesson at institutions. The online training is an ideal home assignment for students completing a vocational degree in sports or learners in upper secondary level sports institutions or sports- or exercise-oriented secondary schools. Those who complete the training are awarded with a diploma that can be used as a certificate of completing the training. 

Secondary schools and upper secondary level institutions

The duties of FINCIS and, most importantly, anti-doping matters, are part of the exercise books titled Kasva urheilijaksi and Kasva huippu-urheilijaksi. Knowledge of anti-doping matters is advanced as the athlete progresses in their path. FINCIS also arranges education in upper secondary level institutions and sports academies.

Anti-doping matters are also taken into account in the training material, secondary school camps and camps arranged by institutes. Each sports institute has an expert trained by FINCIS. Secondary school camps are camps coordinated by a sports academy of the Olympic Committee that are aimed to support the growth of a young athlete on their way to a goal-oriented career, develop skills and expertise in various areas and help the young athlete in maintaining a balance between sports and school. Secondary school camps are arranged by sports institutes in cooperation with sports organisations, schools and sports academies. 

Lectures as part of vocational education

The trainers of FINCIS arrange lectures for future influential people in sports, professionals in the sports sector and health care sector students. Anti-doping education and training sessions are, in some form, part of the education of students completing vocational degrees in sports. Anti-doping matters are emphasised in the degree programmes of sports institutes and the curriculum of the University of Jyväskylä’s Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences. In addition to anti-doping matters, the themes often covered in the lectures include manipulation of sports competitions and, if necessary, spectator safety and other ethical matters.

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